Emilie Jagt

About The Magic Mirror

Have you ever seen the pure, unadulterated joy in a child's eyes when they see their painted face for the first time? The way they hold the mirror, as if it holds the world in its smooth surface? It's one of the best things about face painting, and the reason why we need to keep the magic in our work.

We aim to provide artists with top quality supplies. Now you can access the products that artists need and trust to keep those little smiles glowing... and to keep expressing the inner child in every adult! We are also working to host classes for artists to share talents and grow in abilities, mirroring artists from who they are to what they can be. Let's polish up our mirrors and work some magic together!

Photo Credits

On occasion, we enjoy the use of CC images from around the world. We'll post the photo credits here.

Photo Credit: "Flag of Canada", © 2009 Scazon, Flickr | CC-BY | via Wylio