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Practice is the key to improvement -- consistent and focussed practice. It's at the base of our craft, which makes it fun to compare what we've done only a few years ago to our current work.

There is one point where it does all fall apart, though. When I am doing something wrong repeatedly, I am never able to achieve the intended result... it's like trying to hammer a nail in backwards. No love there! That is where FABA tv comes in and fills in the gaps in our knowledge. With access to hundreds of classes with all your favourite instructors, it is finally possible to practice the RIGHT way and to continue to grow in our craft. I used FABA to learn teardrops from Marcela Murad... then tigers with Mark Reid... then cute kitties from Cameron Garrett... and I was on my way!

Practice may be the key, but FABA is the golden gate of learning. Go ahead and open that door!

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