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Gift Certificate Gift Certificate

Send your favourite face painter a gift certificate any time you want! You get to choose the value, and have the option of printing it out yourself or even sending it by email with a personal message! It's a wonderful way to show appreciation to a face painter and to help them buy all the tools they need to continue in their art.

Essential Glitter Balm- Application Wand Essential Glitter Balm- Application Wand

Essential Glitter Balm is a break-through product for face painting. With its wax-based formula, it can be applied directly over designs without reactivating the paint, making for a glorious design with the chunky glitter highlights everyone loves! Unlike other blends, the first ingredient is glitter, so a single pot will go a very long way. Essential Glitter balm will never need reactivating because it doesn't evaporate or create condensation. It is heat-safe up to 50 degrees celsius and can even be frozen!
Application: Simply use your finger or an Essential Glitter Balm application want to apply glitter.
Use instructions: Not safe for use in the eye area. When heated past 50 degrees celsius, or exposed to direct sunlight on a hot day, it can melt. Simply put in the fridge for 10-15 minutes to cool, mix it up, and it will be ready for use.

Our Price: $1.00
SOBA Twist Cap SOBA Twist Cap

Our Price: $1.25
OOH! Elastic Masks Cords 2-pack Black OOH! Elastic Masks Cords 2-pack Black

These 13 inch elastic bands hook into the holes of the Mask Stencils. They fit perfectly on children and adults, helping your stencils be nearly hands free.
Each pack has 2 elastic bands.
Color: Black

Our Price: $1.65
SOBA Super Sucker SOBA Super Sucker

Our Price: $1.89

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